Community Bulletin Board

To submit items to Cheshire TV’s Community Bulletin Board on Channel 1302, e-mail/upload a 640×480 JPEG or PPT image of your existing slide to us at .

When creating a slide, please take care not to place text close to the edges of the frame, as some TVs will crop the broadcast image and information will be lost.  Also, take note that vertically-oriented posters and flyers don’t work well on horizontal TV and computer screens. Create a simplified, landscape version of your flyer to achieve a professional-looking slide for TV.

When designing a graphic, try to include only basic information like event name, date & time, place, ticket or contact info, etc. Long lists of attractions, small text, and paragraphs can generally not be seen on TV, and the space that could have presented useful information to your viewer is occupied with… blurry stuff.

Alternately, if you email the basic info to us in text, we’ll create a no-frills info slide for you.

We can also help you create a video presentation (like a PSA or “commercial”) that would air regularly on Channel 1301, far more fun and interesting! For information on creating a promo/PSA, contact us.

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